The eco benefits of a Garden Office

Decorated Shed garden offices have phenomenal levels of insulation and energy efficiency, built with premium materials from sustainably-managed sources. However, perhaps the best way to demonstrate the eco-benefits of working from home is on the subject of travel.
Working from home, either in a garden office or home-based studio, means that you don’t need to travel to work.
Looking at the travel aspect, checking out the environmental impact of a hypothetical journey to and from work over the course of a year shows just how eco-friendly working from home can be.
Imagine you drive to and from work every day, working a typical five day week. You drive a relatively average car with carbon dioxide emissions of 150g/km, and your daily round trip is twenty miles. You work forty eight weeks a year.
Using these figures, which could account for millions of UK employees, you would emit the following amounts of CO2:

  • 24kg over a week
  • 96kg over a month
  • 1056kg (more than a tonne) over a year

That’s on personal work travel alone, assuming that you don’t drive further, your car isn’t a gas-guzzler and that you don’t do any other forms of business trips throughout the year. Also, this example only takes CO2 into account, and doesn’t reference the many other harmful emissions that car travel produces.
Therefore cutting out this level of pollution by working from home will help you dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

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