Jacks Guide to reviving your garden – Getting ready for the summer

With spring in full swing now is the time to get back out in your garden and get it ready for the summer months. After suffering one of the coldest winters on record your garden will have been affected far more than in previous winters.
Top 10 tips
1. Most shrubs and small trees should be showing new growth round about now. The freezing conditions during the winter may have been too much for some plants. If you have a small tree or shrub in your garden that is looking dead and showing no signs of new growth, snap one of the branches. If it is green there is a chance that this plant will survive and come to life once more. If it is hard and dead inside, you will need to remove it from your garden.
2. Add compost into your soil where possible to benefit new and existing plants.
Jacks top tip‘If you haven’t started producing your own compost yet, get a composter or wormery not only will you make your own fantastic compost but you will also be doing your bit for the environment!’
3. If you have Leggy Anthemis, Artemisia, Santolina, Dianthus, Lavender, Ballota, Phlomis or Buddleais chop them right back now.
4. Cut back Clematis that flowers in the second half of the summer to the lowest shooting buds and chop any grasses.
5. Divide Snowdrops and Crocus after the leaves have died as this is when the bulbs will be replenished.
6. Look after Roses and Magnolias, feed with organic feed to help encourage more flowers.
7. Buy your tomato plants, shop around for strong green healthy plants and do not settle for any weak looking specimens as they will not last! Keep your new plants in a greenhouse or cold frame for one month.
8. Sow lettuce and repeat every four weeks to ensure you have a crop throughout the summer.
9. Now is the time to sow flower seeds too such as Cosmos, Blue Cornflowers, Nicotiana, Zinnia and Nasturtium.
10. Remember to water everything on a regular basis to ensure that your garden flourishes! A water butt is great for collecting rain water which you can use on your plants.
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Good Luck
Gardener Jack!

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