5 Easy to grow plants that will give you beautiful borders.

Beginners gardening tips
If you are new to this gardening malarkey you’ll want to get to grips with making your garden look attractive with the least amount of difficulty. I’ve compiled a list of easy to rear attractive plants that will add beauty to your garden.
Top 5 plants for beginners.
1. Cotoneaster Horizontalis – This plant can be grown in almost any type of soil. It produces tiny white flat flowers that bees adore followed by red berries. The leaves are an attractive autumn colour. Use this plant to cover any unsightly wall or fence in your garden.
2. Philadelphus ‘Manteau d’Hermine – A wonderful plant with beautiful white flowers and lots of foliage. Manteau d’Hermine will flower at the beginning of summer and gives off the most wonderful aroma which will add to the experience visitors have in your garden. This plant likes a sunny position and will grow 4ft tall. It requires little maintenance, simply trim back nearly all flowered shoots in July.
3. Potentilla Fruticosa ‘Primrose Beauty – This plants is a low grower that will stay beneath 3ft. Its flowers have delicate yellow rose-like petals which blossom during May to September. Keep Primrose beauty in a sunny spot and don’t worry about pruning this plant can look after itself!
4. Buddleja DavidiiBlack knight‘ – This shrub is so easy to grow and will inject some vibrancy and colour into your garden. It produces deep purple blossom that really attracts butterflies. Flowering will continue from July till September. This plant can become a huge shrub growing some 10ft and needs to be planted in a sunny spot with good drainage. In early spring you must cut back all the stems to within 4inches of the old growth.
5. Mahonia Japonica – A great all rounder! This plant is an evergreen that is extremely hardy and will add depth to a shaded border. Mahonia Japonica grows on average to 6.5ft and gives scented yellow flowers for a long period.
These plants can either be grown in your borders or in pots or planters if you want to control their size. For plants such as Cotoneaster Horizontalis you should support it with trellis or grow it against an arch with lattice sides that will offer support to the plant and give it a structure to grow up and around. A garden arch is great for adding height into your garden and creating a beautiful focal point.
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