10 Easy ideas for outdoor entertaining

With summer thankfully on its way you will no longer be confined to entertaining indoors.  Read my top tips on how to entertain outdoors:
Shelter – Rain can ruin an outdoor party, taking simple precautionary steps means that should the heavens open a down poor will not dampen the spirits of your guests. Depending on your budget and size of garden there are a range of products available to shelter your guests from the weather. Permanent garden gazebos are at the most expensive end of the scale whilst sails and parasols are far cheaper. A gazebo not only offers shelter from the weather but also provides a stunning focal point in your garden; parasols on the other hand are far cheaper and can be moved to different locations in your garden. Garden Sails are far more contemporary and will add a modern twist to your garden whilst still keeping costs down.
Decking Area – If you regularly entertain outdoors building a decking area is a great idea. A deck acts as an outdoor dining room. Not only does it help you to protect your lawn but offers a relaxed sophisticated space in your garden for you and your friends to sit and chill out.
Seating – When planning an outdoor party you must always ensure you have enough seating. At Jacks Garden Store you will find a wide range of furniture sets that can sit anywhere from 2 – 12 people around. For larger parties you may want to rent further seating or ask close friends and family to bring their own where possible. A garden arbour can offer a special secluded seating area for private conversations after dinner. There is a wide range of arbours available at Jacks Garden Store.
Food – A successful dinner party does not require over the top cuisine, just simple quality food that can be shared and enjoyed by all. A BBQ can help you to produce really tasty food at relative ease. Try to plan and prepare as much in advance so you can enjoy the time with your guests and not spend most of the evening hidden in the kitchen.
Cushions and Table Cloths – Brightly coloured cushions and table cloths can brighten up even the oldest of outdoor furniture sets.
Plates and Crockery – Use plastic cups, plates, knives and forks to reduce the chance of breakages. There are some really funky crockery sets not available that will look beautiful on your table outdoors.
Centrepiece – Create a stunning table centre piece simply with a glass bowl filled with water and fresh flower heads floating on the top.
Lighting – Fairy lights and lanterns hung in your trees will add a truly magical feel to your garden.
Music – Is a must to get you in the party mood.
Heat – Patio heaters or fire pits are great heat providers which allow you to stay outdoors for longer.
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Good luck
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