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Are you running out of space in your home and yearn for a relaxing retreat. Building a log cabin in your back garden enables you to increase your living space at a relatively low cost. Log cabins are fast becoming one of the most popular ways for homeowners to extend their living space.

Top 4 considerations when buying a log cabin

  • Interlocking log
    Most timber log cabins are constructed using a technique similar to a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. As with tongue and groove timber structures blocks of wood are slotted together to form the walls of the timber building. This technique creates an impressively strong and sturdy outdoor building.
  • Wall Thickness
    Log cabins come in a range of differing wall thickness – typically 28mm log cabins, 44mm log cabins and 58mm log cabins. Remember the thicker the wall the stronger the building. If you are looking for a large log cabin don’t compromise on wall thickness because of price. Although slightly more expensive thicker walled log cabins provide greater strength, stability and greater insulation.
  • Size Range
    Log cabins are available in a great number of sizes and depending on your requirements and the space available in your garden  there will be one that is right for you. Before you buy measure the space in your garden and think carefully about the purpose of the building to ensure you buy the right log cabin. If you do have a small garden you may want to conside purchasing a summerhouse instead of a log cabin to ensure that your garden does not become too overcrowded.
  • Designs
    Log cabins are available in Chalet styles, traditional styles and a wide range of other designs. You can decide whether you want to make a feature of your timber structure in your garden by picking a beautifully designed log cabin or alternatively pick a simple more traditional structure that will blend safely into your gardens backdrop. As well as thinking about the overall style of your log cabin, hexagonal and corner log cabins are available if you are looking for something slightly different or are a little short on space. The roof can either be Apex or Pent depending on your preferences.

Whether you require the timber cabin for a home office, gym, relaxing retreat or playroom for the kids, Jacks garden store offers a huge range of log cabins and many more timber buildings to suit all requirements.

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