Bridging the Gap – Adding that final touch to your garden

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A Garden bridge can be a beautiful focal point in any garden adding style and really finishing off your garden design. Whether used over a pond, rock garden or to join two parts of your garden together, a bridge is a wonderful finishing touch.

The garden bridge is an ancient design structure that has been used for many decades in gardens to cater for foot traffic across a waterway or used simply as decoration. Various names have been adopted for different styles of bridge ; you may here expressions such as ; foot bridge, ornamental bridge, landscape bridge, timber bridge, oriental or Japanese bridge.

There are many different styles of bridge available including Japanese, country, contemporary or simply a traditional arched design.  The arch of your bridge can also vary in form. Some are curved, flat or even ramped. Some bridges will have optional hand rails. Do remember if you have small children or elderly visitors to your garden, hand rails are advisable to prevent any accidents.

Key considerations for your bridge.

  • Plan where in your garden you would like to put the bridge – most bridges are placed over a point of interest in the garden like a pond or rock garden.
  • Measure the distance your bridge will be spanning and allow extra space at either end for the arch. Do bear in mind that a bridge length will need to take in account the height of the arch so if you are not careful you may find the bridge you purchase does not span far enough if the centre of the arc is quite high.
  • The ends of the bridge will need to be secured onto firm ground; laying concrete at both ends will give you this especially if the ground surrounding your bridge can become boggy in the winter.
  • Ensure the bridge that you choose is made of good quality materials so that it can withstand the elements during the colder and hotter months of the year. If opting for wood, a good pressure treated timber such as redwood, spruce or cedar is ideal.

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