Garden Games offer great outdoor entertainment for your children

Garden games provide a fun source of entertainment for your children, you can choose games for a small number of children or others with a far greater number of participants depending on your requirements.
Each year as a parent I have been faced with the same dilemma for my child’s birthday party……

Do I actually willingly allow a large group of my child’s school friends to run riot in our home or do I outsource the party and become seriously out of pocket as a consequence?

This year I was lucky enough to discover a wide variety of outdoor games which not only keep children endlessly entertained during a party but for months after as well. Most of these games are fantastically durable and became a lifesaver over the summer holiday period.
The novel idea of enlarging popular indoor games into larger versions seems to capture everyone’s imagination regardless of age. The games do not need to be restricted to only your child’s use, they can be used as a great form of adult entertainment on a summers evening.
There is a wide range of outdoor games on the market which vary greatly in price, this allows there to be something to suit every parent s pocket.
Starting with some of the most expensive;
Giant Chess
The age old game in giant format! This is a fantastic family game which is more suited to older children and adults. This is one of the most expensive outdoor games I have found, however there are different sizes available and if you are happy to compromise slightly on size you will benefit pricewise.
This product is very similar to giant chess and is suitable for all that can play or have a yearning to learn. If you have small children it may be a better choice than chess as the rules are less complicated. This product again can vary in size and also price to suit all budgets.
Connect Four (or words similar to this affect 🙂 )
This product will suit all ages and is suitable for two players at a time. This may not necessarily be best suited for a children’s party unless a tournament is arranged as the number of players participating at one time is restricted.  The game is made either of wood or plastic (depending on supplier) and stands roughly at 1.2 metres tall x 1.2 metres wide. This game requires skill and strategy to become the first player to connect four plastic playing counters into a row to win!
Giant Tumbling Towers
Multi player game which causes tension to heighten as the tower does. Who will be the first to make the tower tumble? This product is currently available in beautifully crafted wooden blocks and is suitable for all ages. Please note that a step ladder may be required to add blocks at some stage during this game. Small children also need to be supervised for when the tower does tumble!
Giant Dominoes
Fun for all ages either to play with or to create patterns or to play numerous games with.
Giant Pick Up Sticks
Suitable for only those with the steadiest of hands. This multiplayer game is suitable for all ages and comes in either wooden or plastic format.
Anyway, enough from me .. enjoy your garden games
Gardener Jack

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